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The Ultra™ series makes crowd-pleasing frozen beverages possible without a wait. BUNN patented the first electronic-sensored frozen drink system in the 1990s that guarantees drink consistency and long-lasting performance. From its heavy-duty motors and seals, stainless steel construction and advanced electronics, BUNN Ultra is engineered to work reliably every day, through high demand serving periods. Plus, cleaning is a breeze. We’ve eliminated tricky O-rings. The simple three-piece faucet is easy to disassemble, and the auger slides easily off the hoppers. Because dust can clog a condenser and greatly reduce its efficiency, every Ultra features a removable, cleanable filter to ensure peak cooling performance and longer product life.

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Just Refrigeration Australia

Just Refrigeration, your Australian slushy specialist, is a BUNN Factory Authorised Sales and BUNN Service Agent for Australia and New Zealand. Just Refrigeration is constantly working with BUNN USA to ensure equipment bound for the Australian and New Zealand market is tested and perfectly suited to Australian requirements and conditions.

We provide outstanding equipment and customer service, general and specific advice along with tailored solutions for all Markets. We also have the largest certified Technical network for our machines in Australia. We provide BUNN Slush Machine service and parts and Elmeco Slush machine sells, service and slush machine parts

Purchasing a machine for your business is simple through Just Refrigeration. Our friendly staff are available to explain the operation of any slush machine. Call Mike on 0409 871 671 and speak directly with the owner of Just Refrigeration.

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