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Should I buy a Supercooling Freezer?

What is a Supercooler Freezer?

A supercooling freezer turns any beverage into a state of slush in a matter of seconds with pouring it into a glass or when the bottle hit!  This supercooling phenomenon is taken advantage of by SNOPA so you can cool beverages to just before frozen, and then keep it in that near-frozen state for as long as you like!

Who uses it?

Beverages have a much better taste when consumed in an ice-slush form and any stockists of beverages such as; soft drink, beers and liquors looking to maximize on sales would be interested in a supercooling freezer. In addition to the refreshing, cooling and thirst quenching effect of a supercooled beverage these SNOPA Freezers also have excellent eye-appeal when viewed in the heat of an Australian Summer’s day.

Advantages of SNOPA!

SNOPA was founded in 1999 and manufactures and supplies open showcases to LG and consumer product companies. They continue innovative research and manufacturing to date and patented the Supercooling Freezer after its invention in 2013. Just Refrigeration is an Official Australian Distributer of SNOPA and is here to provide you with our services and support.

Main Features of a Supercooler Freezer

  1. Chills beverages to 4 degrees below freezing, without actually freezing it.
  2. Fan-forced Induction
  3. Aluminium frame
  4. Front Temperature Gauge Monitor and Setting display
  5. Double-glazed heated glass door
  6. Illuminated Light-box
  7. LED Interior Lighting
  8. White powder-coated shelving

Just Refrigeration support along with SNOPA technology is a sure-fire way to beverage supercooling success. Please contact Mike for the best deal on your supercooler freezer today!

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