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Reverse Tap (twin Unit) - Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

ReverseTap (twin unit)

Imagine one bartender filling 12 cups of beer in one minute! Imagine the cups being filled with the exact same amount of beer every time! Imagine all this being done without any waste, spillage or loss of beer quality. Imagine improving your beer sales with hundreds of %!

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ReverseTap twin unit has developed a new draft beer dispenser that uses a new set up by filling the cups from the bottom. The twin ReverseTap is specially designed to cover large volume sales. It has integrated software linked to a command panel that allows different filling options depending on the size of the cup and adjusts the amount of beer foam. The software also keeps track of the amount of beers sold and status of the beer keg.

The dispenser fits standard cooling systems using the same elements as the traditional tap system and is suitable for any carbonated beverage such as softdrinks.

We are official distributor for ReverseTap systems

Why ReverseTap?

  1. TIME – The ReverseTap beer dispenser fills the cups 3-4 times faster than the conventional beer tap, only 7 seconds per cup, i.e. with the twin tap the employee can fill 2 cups of beer in only 7 seconds. The employee has time free for other tasks (payments etc.)
  2. MONEY – No waste, no spillage, easy cleaning; Low employee training; Yielded sales / beer keg
  3. ADVERTISING – Your brand or product logo can be printed on the front display; Your latest promotional video can be displayed on the LCD screen on the front display

Specifications – ReverseTap (twin unit)

ReverseTap twin dispenser includes a 7” LCD screen in the front facing the client on which promotional video’s can be uploaded via a USB port. The actual frame contouring the screen can be customized for your brand.
Size: 350 x 140 x 375 (w/h/d)
Wieght: 9 kg


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