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The New BUNN Logo - An Evolved Look; The Same Commitment

The new BUNN logo – An Evolved Look; The Same Commitment

An old adage states, “The more things change, the more things stay the same.” In reflecting on the 175 years of the BUNN entrepreneurial history, one of the constants has been an unwavering passion for quality. In celebration of this milestone and in anticipation for the launch of new products in the coming months, we felt it was time for an update to the brand identity that better reflects who we are today, without forgetting what we are founded upon.

It’s in our DNA to relentlessly pursue quality in the cup. So our new logo will evoke that by now including a circular icon that represents the cup. The cup is also our connection to the world. It includes delivering the best beverage for every occasion, and is as important as using our success to make the world a better place for our customers and our families.

Additionally, transforming water is an integral part of all we do. Water completes our cup and is the conduit that connects us to our customers and everyone who enjoys a beverage from our equipment. The new icon centrally features Blue Pantone 300 in the triangular alchemic symbol for water. Blue also symbolizes Dependability, Strength, and Trust. This is why you will often still see our Brand Promise, A Partner You Can Count On, because we work hard to earn and keep customer trust through our strength and dependability. One way we do this is by continually seeking the horizon of innovation which is signified by our traditional red line moving below the BUNN trademark.

We are a heritage brand built on a long tradition of quality that started well before the beverage division was founded in the late 1950’s, and this is represented by a modified version of our traditional red line wrapping around the centered Brand Slogan, Quality Since 1840.

This evolution of our brand identity is completed by replacing the former font that represents the BUNN brand name with the new modern feel of the Clonoid font, showing our commitment to the needs of our customers today and anticipating the trends of tomorrow.

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