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What is a clean & check?

Commercial business and frequent Ice Slushee customers need to be ready for the summer heat load. Scheduling a clean & check on your BUNN Ice Slushie Machine unit can help catch possible break-downs before they happen. Just Refrigeration sell and service BUNN Slushie machines and we along with BUNN-O-MATIC recommend Servicing every 6 months as to not void BUNN Warranty.

What happens in a Clean and Service is power will be turned off to the machine. Bunn Ultra hoppers will be emptied, and disconnect the light box lids and remove lids. Next is the Disassemble BUNN Ultra all parts are placed in mild hot water and 2 scoops of sanitizer solution to the sink. All parts are set to soak for at least 5 minutes. Components are carefully cleaned with a  washcloth in the hot water and sanitizer solution. The cooling drum, hopper drip trays, lids and outer enclosure are wash next using a soft damp cloth. All parts are wiped dry with a clean dry cloth before reassembling the Bunn Ultra. Once the Bunn Ultra has been reassembled the Bunn Ultra hoppers are filled with 6 litres of warm tap water and 2 scoops of sanitiser. Augers are turned on, and a warning for those attempting to service the machine themselves DO NOT have the Bunn Ultra on Chill or Ice Mode this must be in the OFF mode. Just Refrigeration recommends one of our technicians to not void BUNN Warranty. The Bunn Ultra is then run for 10 minutes with augers turning and machine set to off mode, next sanitizer solution is drained from the Bunn Ultra hoppers.  Then refilled with 6 litres of clean tap water and drained again.

Commencing the Service Just Refrigeration technician will lubricate gear boxes. Check the drive shafts for wear, and replace drive shaft bushing and seals. Then will replace drum seal going onto replace and lubricate bell seals. Faucet seals will also be replaced. Wash condenser filter, blow-out condenser. Check general operation of the BUNN Slushie Machine.

Your Bunn Ultra is now clean, sanitised and ready for your next batch of Ice Slushee product.

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